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Efficient thermal insulation

High resistance to heat transfer is achieved due the intertwined fine fibers of mineral wool which retain a large amount of air into the material.

Fire resistance

Due to gabbro basaltic rocks, all products are non flammable. The melting temperature of the fibers exceeds 1000 ° C, which makes it possible to use our mineral wool products in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Good soundproofing

The products have high ratios of sound absorption from a wide frequency range, which lowers the level of airborne and impact noise insulation in different structures: partitions, floors and others.

Water resistance

All thermal insulation materials based on mineral wool are treated with water impermeability agents that provide water repellent properties.

Vapor permeability

The vapor permeability of materials based on mineral wool is high, they do not absorb moisture (created by human activity) coming from interior as vapors. The thermal insulation remains always dry.

Dimensional stability

For the preservation of the shape, thickness and tension of the material on the structure, thermal insulation materials must have high dimensional stability. This property provides a reliable and sustainable insulation for a long time.

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ByRikko Steel Apr 6, 2016

Production hall

Location City: Aiud County: Alba Zone: Centru Beneficiary: SC TRUTZI SRL Applicator: SC BFA QUALITY SRL Products : ECOFLEKS PV

ByRikko Steel Apr 5, 2016

Brintex Store

Location Str: Șos. Cristianului 7 City: Braşov County: Braşov Zone: Centru Products : Polyelast 4,5 kg/mp Surface: 6.200 m²

ByRikko Steel Apr 5, 2016

Industrial hall

Location City: Braşov County: Braşov Zone: Center Applicator SystemBau Sps Ploiești Used products : Waterproofing the terrac

ByRikko Steel Apr 5, 2016

Block of flats – Terrace

Location Street: C. Bucureşti 80 and 82 City: Braşov County: Braşov Zone: Center Used products : Distilled bitumen Polyelas