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Reinforced bitumen sheets for waterproofing of concrete bridge decks and other trafficked areas of
concrete where the waterproofing system is bonded to the concrete deck and overlaid by asphalt.
Also used as a top layer of multilayer waterproofing roof systems. Installed by torch-on application.

Essential characteristics:

  • Protection of the top side: Slate
  • Protection of the bottom side: Film
  • Length, mm: ≥7500
  • Width, mm: ≥1000
  • Thickness, mm: 5.0±0.2
  • External fire performance: Euroclass E
  • Tensile properties: maximum tensile force L/T, N/50mm: 1000±200/800±200
  • Tensile properties: elongation L/T, %: 45±10/45±10
  • Flexibility at low temperature,°C: ≤-18
  • Water vapour transmission properties: μ=20000
  • Flow resistance at elevated temperature,°C: ≥+120
  • Water absorption, %: ≤0.5
  • Flexibility at low temperature,°C: -13±5
  • Flow resistance at elevated temperature,°C: ≥+120±10

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