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Brick Facade

Brick facade

Brick facades – guaranteed 100 years

Bricks are one of the most popular building materials is associated in the owners’ mind to the image of a “warm and lasting house”.

Like wood, brick is considered an environmentally friendly building material, it is obtained by burning clay in special ovens at temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. Currently on the market there is an extremely wide range of colors, textures and densities. This variety is provided by the ore mixed with the clay.

If in the past the houses were made entirely of brick, today, to streamline costs and reduce time to make a house, this building material is associated with concrete or ceramic blocks. Experts give assurances that, once installed, a brick facade lasts at least 100 years with minimal maintenance expenditures to be made after 25 years. In addition, walls with brick cladding is equivalent to insulation of a house, the house becoming warm in winter and cool in summer. Another advantage is that homes made of brick are resistant to earthquakes and fires.

In addition, homes plated or made of bricks gain a classic elegance that rivals the beauty of modern architectural style. You can add more style in your house by facade cladding or interior walls cladding with bricks. In this case, the brick shows an undeniable advantage over other construction materials: do not degrade and do not fade over time due to environmental factors. In addition, give an extra aesthetic value to the home. Bricks offer countless design possibilities because they can be found on the market in a wide range of textures and colors.

We would like to point out the disadvantage of a higher price and also the need of contracting the services of a specialist.

Brick facade

Modern Austrian production lines and skilled staff make it possible to produce stable and high-quality brick, which meets all European standards in terms of resistance, appearance and life of the modern facade construction materials.


  • precise and smooth edges, natural colors
  • high resistance to sun, rain, wind, snow, etc.
  • bright colors that are durable and zero maintenance over a long period of time
  • a comfortable indoor microclimate
  • lack of harmful substances, eco-ease

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