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Using non-destructive tests, manual, automatic, ultrasonic, and high frequency electrical welding methods, we ensure that we always exceed the expectations of our customers.

Thermal insulations

Starting from the increasingly visible trend of maximum use of space in a building, internal insulation becomes mandatory for thermal and sound comfort.

Construction materials

We have established high standards for our work, resulting in long-term customer relationships, but also in durable constructions due to the high quality materials we use.


We specialize in waterproofing . Our team is qualified and more than fully trained to provide the best solutions. These services are tailored to each project.

Why choose RikkoSteel products?

Efficient thermal insulation

High resistance to thermal transmission is achieved because the finest wadded mineral wool fibers retain a large amount of air inside the material.


Due to gabbro basal rocks, all products are non-flammable. The melting temperature of the fibers exceeds 1000 ° C, which makes it possible to use mineral wool products in a wide range of operating temperatures.


The products have high sound absorption ratios in a wide range of frequencies, which reduces airborne noise and impact in various soundproofing structures: partitions, floors and the like.


All thermal insulation materials based on basalt mineral wool are treated with waterproofing agents, which offer waterproofing properties to the insulation.

Vapor permeability

Vapor permeability to basal mineral wool materials is high, they do not retain the moisture (created by human activities) that comes from the vapor chamber. Thermal insulation always remains dry.

Dimentional stability

For conserving the shape, thickness and for secure fixing of the material to the structure, the thermal insulation materials must have a high dimensional stability. This property ensures reliable and durable insulation without loss of quality over time.

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