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Fibre-cement Boards

Fibre-cement boards

Fibre-cement tiles (non-asbestos) are intended for residential and non-residential buildings, inns, stables and for any structure that needs a roof. Fibrocement products are safe and resistant over time, have low heat conductivity, significant resistance to frost, fire protection (they belong to the group of non-flammable materials). The tiles are resistant against weathering, high and low temperatures, solar radiation, low humidity, snow, are anti-corrosive and do not rot. Fibre-cement boards provide protection against noise, rain and wind. The boards do not condense so you do not need a vapor barrier. They are easy to install and economical. Keeping the roof is a simple matter and does not require significant additional costs.


  • Lifespan of over 50 years;
  • The heating temperature – is not regulated;
  • Hitting while loading – is not permitted;
  • The chemical action of alkaline solutions – allowed;
  • The chemical action of acid solutions – not allowed;
  • Weight – 14-20 kg/m²;
  • The minimum allowed inclination – 10 % (10 cm inclination / 1 m of length)

General characteristics

Fibre-cement boards Values
Size (lenght, width, thickness), mm 1750 X 1130 X6,1 / 1000 X 1130 X 5,8
Height of undulations, mm 40
Step of undulations, mm 150
No. of undulations 8
Usable surface, m² 1750 X 1130 X6,1 – 1,6m2 / 1000 X 1130 X 5,8 – 0,88 m²
Board weight, kg 1750 X 1130 X 6,1 – 21,5kg / 1000 X 1130 X 5,8 – 12,5kg
Number of tiles per pallet, pcs 107

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