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It’s natural to ask yourself a lot of questions while you’re hunting for the perfect door for your apartment or office: the color, the model or pattern, the fabric or even to have them with a glass or not.

  • Mainly, a door must convey a notion of safety and privacy while closed and a welcoming and homey feeling when you open it.
  • A wide range of colors is of the upmost importance for you to have the option to match it to the design of the room in which the door will be fitted.
  • Also, the material from which the door was made must match the one of the furniture and floor.
  • That’s why you have to get a wide range of options so that all your requirments must be fullfiled in order to get your dream door.

    And what other easier way to achieve this than your prefered door supplier which has a portfolio of over 300 door – RIKKO STEEL.

    It doesn’t matter if you want a door made out of PVC, PVC DELUXE or even Ekoshhpon (for those of you who don’t know this term, Ekoshpon is the best replacement for harder and more expensive materials; provivdes a wide array of colors, high durability and smooth estethic qualities, suited perfectly for the modern interiour – with shades of ash, chestnut, alder gold, gray, premium walnut, wenge and more, RIKKO STEEL tries to satisfy all tastes.

    Or you want a simpler door? No problem, we can offer doors that you can paint to any color you prefer.

    Naturally, we provide to our clients all the necessary mounting and door accessories.

    If you wish to receive our complete offer, please leave your contact details in the form below and one of our consultants will call you as soon as possible.

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