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These are plates made by pressing the three pieces of wood glued with synthetic resin and oriented in different directions. The different positioning of the outer layers strands regarding the core, the special geometry of the strands and a high degree of orientation in the outer layers provide the best technical features and good looks. OSB are used in wood constructions and houses, construction of scenes and shops, concrete formwork and interior design.

OSB plates containing 90% natural wood. They are made from specially selected pine, harvested mainly in the process of thinning the forest.

OSB 3 sizes and types

Format, mm Thickness, mm Plates / pallet Pallet height, mm Gross weight, kg Pallets / truck
2500×1250 10 100 1050 2126 10
2500×1250 12 85 1070 2130 10
2500×1250 15 70 1100 2126 10
2500×1250 18 60 1130 2152 10
2500×1250 22 50 1150 2157 10

*±5% kg deviation

There are three main use of OSB:

– external and internal wall panels, attics;
– in the floor manufacturing process, linoleum support;
– in manufacturing of formworks;
– roofing;
– production of wall panels;
– temporary fencing and temporary buildings;
– used for decoration, interior decoration, etc.

Furniture industry
– production of furniture panels;
– production of wardrobes, closets, nightstands, tables, drawers, shelves, etc.;
– production of upholstered furniture frames, etc.
– as a substitute for timber, etc.

Production of containers and packing
– the production of containers for transportation, as a supplement in the packaging process;

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