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SBS -25 Bitumen Membrane

SBS -25 Bitumen Membrane

POLYELAST EXTRA is a range of membranes based on distilled bitumen modified with elastomeric polymers (SBS) and thermo-adherent additives. The reinforcement is made out of polyester (P) reinforced with glass fibers longitudinally twisted or interweaved fiberglass mat (V).

Altered composition of the membrane offers excellent aging properties, adhesion, elasticity, cold flexibility (-25⁰C) and durability.

POLYELAST EXTRA P and PA membranes have excellent mechanical properties due to the nature of polyester reinforcement and its reinforced network.

POLYELAST EXTRA PA membranes are delivered with mineral granules superior finish.

This finish is designed to protect the membrane from UV rays and in the same time to enhance the aesthetic application. The membrane is provided with 10 cm overlapping edge and 15 cm end edges which overlap.

POLYELAST EXTRA P membranes are manufactured with PE film or sand finish on the upper face.

POLYELAST EXTRA membrane’ bottom is protected by a polyethylene film which prevents sticking when rolling and which melts during flame welding.

Usable domains: for high complexity works, flat roofs and curved steel frame, hydraulic structures where strength and flexibility are imperative.

-25⁰ SBS POLYELAST EXTRA P 4.0 mm (5.2 kg)
-25⁰ SBS POLYELAST EXTRA 5 P 5.0 mm (6.5 kg)
-25⁰ SBS POLYELAST EXTRA TR 5 DESIGN PA 5.2 mm (6.7 kg)

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