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SBS Green Bitumen Membrane

SBS Green Bitumen Membrane

POLYELAST EXTRA GREEN is a range of membranes based on distillate bitumen modified with polymer elastomers (SBS), reinforced with a composite mat made out of polyester (P).

The bituminous substance is additived with specific substances which prevent root penetration in the membrane structure. These embedded substances withstand high temperatures generated by the heating of the membrane surface with the flame, do not migrate into the soil and are not washed by water.

Altered composition of the membrane offers excellent aging properties, elasticity, cold flexibility (-25⁰C), durability and strength using a suitable polyester reinforcement.

EXTRA GREEN P POLYELAST membranes are manufactured with sand finishing or PE foil on top.
EXTRA GREEN POLYELAST PA membranes are delivered with superior finishing of mineral grains.

POLYELAST EXTRA GREEN membranes’ bottom is protected with a polyethylene sheet that prevents sticking when beeing rolled and which melts during the blistering flames. Proper temperature application can be controlled just by looking for the disappearance of the stamped marks in the contact surface of the membrane.

Usage: EXTRA GREEN POLYELAST membranes are used for waterproofing buried structures (tunnels, hydraulic works, foundations, hanging gardens, etc.).

-25⁰ SBS POLYELAST EXTRA 4/1 Green P 4.0 mm (5.2 kg)
-25⁰ SBS POLYELAST EXTRA DESIGN 4/1 Green PA 4.0 mm (5.2 kg)
-25⁰ SBS POLYELAST EXTRA DESIGN 5/1 Green PA 5.0 mm (5.8 kg)

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