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Terrace Roofs – Occasional Traffic

Terrace roofs – occasional traffic

Compliance and appropriate design of a flat roof has beneficial effects on the life span of the building and also reduce energy losses. The project should be done by only specialists that will take into account the factual conditions of the building. The main part of building a flat roof is the optimal design and building proper thermal insulation and protection against influences of external factors. The optimal thickness and method of thermal insulation are based on heat loss calculation. The calculation provide also of the degree of condensation of water vapor, which, subsequently, will determine the type of film used as a water vapor barrier.

For flat roofs, it is recommended to use hard materials with adequate compressive strength. Rigid roof plates made from mineral wool are designed for the following structures:
– Steel structured roofs with trapezoidal profiles, monolithic concrete, precast or other supporting structures with mechanical anchoring or with adhesive (new or repaired)
– Roofing insulation panels
– Extensive green roofs with vegetation cover (with load up to 400 kg / sqm).

Technonicol wool products are suitable for various structural variants of terrace roofs. Different types exhibit excellent features regarding fire safety, heat transfer and soundproofing. Each product has different and unique characteristics which are suited for a particular use. It is therefore important to use the product for the type of flat roof traffic: traffic, no traffic or occasional traffic.



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