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Thermal Insulation System Panels – Contact Facades

Thermal insulation system panels – contact facades

Thermal insulating the external walls of a building is a quick way of reducing costs, increasing contribution to environmental protection and energy saving.
Correctly designing the exterior walls of the structure significantly affects the environment inside the building. The conventional single-layered (homogeneous) exterior walls are not the appropriate solution to ensure the current thermal insulation requirements.
A multi-layered structure is recommended for new buildings and for rehabilitation – an additional system for thermal insulation.
Quality insulation has a great importance for rehabilitation. The most common method of isolation is Thermo Insulating System (through contact) where special wool based products are used.

The advantages of using high-quality Technonicol materials:Ÿ

  • saving energy for heating, which is reflected in financial savings
  • Ÿ protecting the interior from overheating
  • supporting structure protection from external factors
  • avoiding thermal bridges
  • fireproofing class – A1
  • Ÿ maximize the heat conversion, an ‘A’ energy class can be obtained through isolation
  • high sound absorption, class A sound absorption

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